Hello world!

Hello to all our followers, old & new! Welcome to our NEW site 🙂 This is our first live BLOG post lol. Be gentle with us as we enter the digital world ha ha! We'll try not to bore you too much ;p

We are still making lots of changes and updates to our site, so please bare with us! But we just wanted to let you know that there will be lots more products and services being added, daily. 

Keep an eye out for the NEW 'SHOP' page too! We are stockists of most major brands, and are offering essential equipment & services at very competitive prices! We can also get cylinders at competitive prices as well, so if there's anything that you want or need then please drop us a line and we'll get you some prices & availability.

And have you heard about our new Dive Club? We have now launched Into the deep Dive Society, which is a member only club, offering great deals, discounts & offers &1st notice on upcoming dives and trips! Please follow us on social media @scubacheshire for regular updates & info.

Anyway, check out this glorious sunshine! Time to go diving I think! Stay safe folks, and we'll catch up with you soon.

Team ITD